1. Absolutely.


    Because the Posternaks are my favorite photographers and it’s ALWAYS a pleasure.

    Wearing: track pants by Kimchi Blue and Deena & Ozzy wedged sneakers.


  2. Purely accidental. | August 2014

  3. My first ever one-woman performance of dance and spoken word. 

    Come out.


    Tagged #limada
  5. The night I saw Sango perform…and stood in the stairway to hell.

    Brooklyn | August 2014


  6. Do you know what…

    your deep, driving desire is?

  7. melindagriffith:


  8. melindagriffith:


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  10. Finally, some polaroids I’ve been meaning to scan! I took these sometime in the fall.

    The Holy Trinity | 2013

    More on the way…Cheers.

  11. I’m giving you parts

    & thank you Dex for your vision.

    Updated portfolio.

  12. And another, in a secret location…

    Part 2: "Slate," with the one and only Ying.

    My friends though…

    July 2014


  13. "I am coming to terms with the fact that loving someone requires a leap of faith, and that a soft landing is never guaranteed."
    — Sarah Dessen, This Lullaby  

    (Source: feellng, via 18-15n-77-30w)

  14. New work.

    Entitled "MANE" featuring NYC based tattoo artist, Ying Lavish.

    July 2014


  15. But my faith is in my art.

    So I am just trying to find it. Again.